Kartel Brittanys Testimonials
From:The Bohlmans
Date:March 20, 2009
Subject:Puppy update and pics

I just wanted to send you an update on our puppy. His name is Kavik which is "wolverine" in Inuit. He's named after Chris's nickname (our friends started calling Chris wolverine after he got in a really bad accident - doctors rebuilt Chris with titanium and he healed quickly so our friends determined the name fit him well). I thought it would be nice to name the puppy after his new "dad"

Kavik is adjusting very nicely, is very smart and learns quickly. He fetches and releases well (which you already know), and in working with him for less than a week he can now sit, lie down and stay. Plus he's doing ok with our walks on a leash and I'm sure once he gets better accustomed to it he'll do fine. It won't be long before we start working with him on hunting details ..

He seems very happy with us, Thank you for the new addition to our family!