Grooming your Brittany
Equipment Needed

  • Slicker Brush
  • Steel Comb

  • Ear Clearer
  • Cotton Balls

  • Nail Clipper (heavy duty)

  • Andis AGC Clipper
  • #15 Blade
  • #10 Blade
  • #7 blade

  • Stripping Knife
  • Scissors
  • Thinning Shears
  • Coat Conditioner

  • Bathe/Groom - 8-12 weeks
    Check Ears - Weekly
    Check Nail Length - Every 4 Weeks

    1. Brush the coat with a slicker brush. Then comb through the coat to remove any dead hair or mats.
    2. Clean the inside of the ears using cotton balls lightly dampened with ear cleaner
    3. Cut the nails with a heavy duty, pliers-type nail clipper, removing only the tips of the nails to avoid cutting the quick.
    4. Clip the hair for between the pads of the feet with a #15 blade.
    5. Clip the hair away from the rectal area (about 1/2 an inch on either side of the rectum) with a #10 blade. Never put the blade in direct contact with the rectum.
    6. Bathe and fluff or cage dry.
    7. Clip the hair on the front of the neck using a #7 blade.
    8. Thin the hair on the side of the neck with your thinning shears. Taper the hair so that the ling hair on the back of the neck gradually blends into the short hair under the neck. This procedure will remove the thick ruff that obscures the throatline.
    9. Remove any straggly hair on both sides of the ears with a stripping knife or thinning shears.
    10. Scissor the whiskers on the muzzle as well as any long hair over the eyes and on the face. For pet grooming, this step is optional.
    11. Remove any straggly hair on the back with your stripping knife. Do not strip the entire back, as this will distort the natural coat. This step may also be done with thinning shears.
    12. Scissor the leg featherings evenly.
    13. Remove any long uneven hair from the hock down to the bottom of the foot with your thinning shears.
    14. Comb the hair from between the toes up, and trim them level with the top of the foot, using your thinning shears.
    15. Scissor around the outside edges of the feet to round them off.
    16. Spray coat conditioner lightly onto the coat. Using your steel comb, comb the coat conditioner through the coat.