Kartel Brittanys Line History
  • 1989 - Karen Sullivan-Thorne purchased "Sarah" (Rudy's Mother) OFA= Good (Rudy's Grandfather, mother's side)
  • 1993 - Karen Met Richie & Teresa Frizella, owners of "Tip-Top Kennels:, Peacedale,R.I. (Six generations of Trainers, Producers of American Field Champions).
  • 1994 - Frizella's dog "Peacedale Trailblazer", bred by Bob Fleury (CT), is the son of "AFC/FC Rusty's Smokin' Dynamo", and was bred to John Frost's "Lady Sarah Jayne Ziggy", whose foundation stock was "DC Ban-Dee" and "DC Perry's Rustic Prince". (All 3 separate dual Champions).
  • 1994 - A June litter, produced "The Count Rudolph JH" (OFA Good). Kartel's first champion.
  • 1995 - "The Count Rudolph" was listed as top ten Brittany Pups in the U.S.!
  • 1998 - "Rudy" qualified for National Gun Dog Championship. He never went because Karen Sullivan-Thorne, present owner, was busy in Maine, negotiating purchase of Kaylish Kennels, re-named Kartel Brittanys.
  • Lines from "Sarah" (Rudolph's Mom) originate from the Colorado Yankee Timber Line, which was the first line of Brittanys in this country, brought over from Brittany, France in 1929.
  • 2006 - "Kartel's Count Oliver" (OFA Good) was bred to "Downwind's Suzie's Hot Cocoa" (Downwind Kennels, Ontario) (OFA Good) produced 6 pups; 4 Males, 2 Females. All healthy. Hence, "Cocoa" a dual-registered Dam, AKC/CKC (Owned by Dr. Paul Tessier) introduces great Canadian lineage, to equally great American Breeding (Kartel Brittanys) with "Kartel's Count Oliver" to produce a superb quality, sturdy, dual nationality, Family, Show, Hunt and Field Trial Dogs, with excellent Grouse and Woodcock noses. In short, there is probably no other comparative breeding elsewhere
  • Breaking News: A Brittany Dam was just awarded Winner of the Sporting Group at the 2010 Westminster Shows, complementing the Brittany Breed. We are very proud.